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    Portable Snowmelters

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Snow Season Is Here!

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Commercial Boiler Systems Inc.

Trecan 40-PD, 20-Ton Portable presented by Commercial Boiler Systems Inc.With Today’s concerns about the environment and limitations on where snow can be stored, snowmelters are often the perfect solution! Instead of loading, hauling and dumping snow, you can melt the snow away. As Trecan representatives with over 40 years of experiences working on snowmelters, Commercial Boiler Systems Inc. can provide a more cost effective solution for snow removal. To find out more about how the snow melting process works click here.

Economics of Snowmelting

Delays in snow removal can indirectly and directly result in loss of revenue. With airports, shopping malls, and parking lots a delay in snow removal can result in tremendous loss of revenues in addition to trucking costs. Although costs are of the most importance, snowmelting increases the speed of removal and allows reclaiming of valuable areas. Snow melting is a viable, cost effect alternative and can save municipalities and/or snow removal contractors up to 50% on their regular snow removal budgets. The average lifespan of the equipment can be in excess of 25 years, which can provide a long-term solution for snow removal needs.

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Our highly trained and certified staff is available to provide emergency service or scheduled preventative maintenance. Our company specializes in servicing, designing, engineering, and installing complete systems. We are your single-source snow consultants. For sales, service, and consulting, contact us now.

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